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Seeking: Rare Wham! & George Michael Media

George Michael is personally reaching out to fans and friends asking for rare Wham! and George Michael footage in all media forms, from 1988 through 1996. This includes video (with or without sound) and photos (as high a resolution as possible), featuring:

  • Mass Wham! hysteria;
  • Concert crowds;
  • George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley backstage, leaving venues, at hotels or in limos;
  • Paparazzi shots;
  • Or more, not listed above!

Colour or black and white media is welcome, as is anything from the Wham! period.

Submissions can be made via social media using the hashtag #whampics or by email at [email protected], subject line: “Wham! Pics”.

While only those with successful submissions will be contacted for further details and the related media files, we sincerely thank all those who contribute, your support is very much appreciated!